Foodservice Sales Tools

The Mushroom Council is here to help with your foodservice marketing efforts. The following materials are available to use in communications with your foodservice contacts to help educate distributors, call directly on operators and sell more mushrooms. Please feel free to download and print any of the materials here. If you would like to order any materials, please contact us at or 408-432-7210. Note that educational materials are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Download the Brochure Order Form.


Sell Sheets

NEW The Gluten Free “Trend” is Becoming a Restaurant Staple Factsheet
NEW “Mushroom Mania” Sell Sheet
Foodservice Brochure
Versatility Brochure – Get it All with Mushrooms
Umami: Discover the Taste of Nature’s Hidden Treasure
Discover Mushrooms…the hidden treasure of the Mediterranean
The Value of Fresh Mushrooms: The Hidden Treasure on your Menu



Mushroom Varieties Poster
Mushroom Variety Poster 2 (22×28)
Mushroom Folklore Poster (22×28)
Mushroom Health Benefits Poster (22×28)


Recipe Cards and E-Cookbooks

2012 Recipe Cards – Great Tasting Recipes, 500 Calories or Less
NEW Mushrooms on the Menu: A focus on flavor, nutrition and sustainability – Mushrooms and FLIK E-Cookbook



Mushroom Growth & Promoting with Mushrooms
Mushroom Pizza Factsheet


Health & Wellness Sales Kit

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