Swap It or Top It Summer 2013 Contest

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For those of you who are setting up your yearly promotional plans with your retailers, we are providing you with materials in order to take part in exciting summer online contest which will bring mushrooms to the forefront with your retailers this summer…

Swap It or Top It

Other commodity groups have effectively used retail promotions to grow their sales and the overall commodity. Now is the time for the Mushroom industry to do the same. This promotion will create retail sales lift, increase shopper awareness, and build shopper impulse purchases and consumption of mushrooms.

This summer’s recipe contest will:

  •  Encourage consumers to try The Blend through participation in an online contest.
  • Create rally point to spark media interest and increase consumer awareness about blended cooking/health benefits.


About Swap It or Top It
WHO:  Your store, mushroom supplier, and the Mushroom Council
WHAT:  Swap It or Top It Summer Online Recipe Contest
WHEN: Contest starts June 1st and runs through August. Winner will be announced during National Mushroom Month in September.
WHY: To encourage mushroom purchase/usage during the summer, and to educate consumers about the concept and benefits of The Blend. 


Internal Industry Materials




MyPlate & PBH – What It Means For You
We would like to bring to your attention an exciting new opportunity which recently presented itself this week. We are now working with the MyPlate program and PBH, and have their logo’s prominently displayed on our materials. Having these organizations as partners is an important stepping stone. Not only will your retailers jump at the chance to participate in something supported by MyPlate & PBH, but these organizations will help amplify our messages, encouraging more participants to take part and building awareness around the health benefits of mushrooms. We are very excited about this opportunity, and we hope you are too.


Unlike the pink promotion, where pink tills draw consumers to the mushroom display, it is important to use point-of-sale materials calling attention to the contest. The Council has developed the above materials for industry use. The Council does not need to review or approve any point of sale materials or on-pack labels as long as the information included is accurate according to the contest rules*. If you would like the Council to review your materials for accuracy, you may send them to brittany@grouptalk.ca for comments or approval within 24 hours.


EXPLORE and USE the full collection the Swap It or Top It materials here on MushroomCouncil.org. If you have any questions, please contact the Council at (408) 432-7210, Cheryl(at)mushroomcouncil(dot)org, or brittany(at)grouptalk(dot)ca . We look forward to a successful summer of increased mushroom sales!

*Any incorrect prizing information communicated will need to be fulfilled by the participating company.

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