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Period Ending 11/2/2014

*** Please Read This Before Opening The Excel File ***

New Name: the Tracker

  • Formerly known as the “Topline”, this report has been re-named the Tracker to better reflect the type of information it provides. This report specifically tracks mushroom category sales through the retail grocery channel. It lets you keep your finger on the pulse, answering the question, “How is the category performing” with the most up-to-date retail sales and volume figures. When Fusion took over production of this report in 2012, the Topline was a single-tab Excel file with limited information on regions and selected segments. Over the years, Fusion has expanded and improved the breadth and depth of information contained in the report. It has become an essential monthly reference deck of key category performance indicators – no longer just a “topline” of a few retail metrics.
    • Total category performance PLUS detailed drill downs by variety, prep type, 8 individual Regions and 50 individual Markets
    • Growth rates vs. prior year for each of 4 key time periods: Latest 4, 13, 26 and 52 weeks

New Drill Downs: Organic and Value Added

  • We’ve added a new drill down for Organic vs. Conventional mushrooms in total and by variety
  • We’ve also added a drill down for the Value Added segment

New Functionality: Easier Navigation

  • Easier Navigation: a simple legend has been added to the Tracker tab and to the Market tab to help you quickly locate the specific information you seek.

New Functionality: Simplified Pick-a-Market

  • The Pick-a-Market tab has been super-simplified. Key performance indicators for each market now print in a presentation ready, single-page view. Additional detailed drill downs are available on the basic Market tab.

New Highlights Reports: New Graphical Version and Updated Text Version

  • The Tracker itself is the essential reference deck of current performance metrics. The Highlights report, which accompanies each Tracker, shines a light on a small set of key standout measures from the Tracker deck for a quick read and handy update on the category.
    • For those who prefer a text-based summary, we will continue to deliver the written Highlights. For visual interest, we’ve added call-out boxes and a new color palette that matches the entire suite.
    • For those who prefer to see metrics in graphs and tables, we are providing a new easy-to-use graphical version of the Highlights. This companion report features selected standout measures from the Tracker in a presentation ready, two-page format.


Tracker Highlights from 10/5/2014 

Spotlight – Notable and Newsworthy

  • Mushroom category dollar growth of +4.3% outpaced total produce growth during the 4-week period
  • White mushroom 4-week growth rate (+3.7%) closing the gap to brown 4-week growth rate (+3.8%)


Total Mushrooms – 4 Weeks

  • The Total U.S. dollar sales trend of +4.3% outpaced Total Produce’s growth of +3.3% by +1.0 point
  • California led in dollar growth rate at +6.9%, followed by Northeast at +6.5%
  • On a Market basis, Sacramento posted strong dollar growth at +20.7% Jacksonville posted the largest decline, down -4.7%
  • Total U.S. Organic dollar sales grew +19.3%, driven by California (+63.0%) which holds a 14.4% share of total Organic dollars
  • Volume in pounds for Total U.S. increased +2.3% and California led the Regions with a volume increase of +8.9%. Plains declined -7.5%
  • At the Market level, Philadelphia showed the largest increase in volume at +26.1%
  • Total Organic volume increased +15.6%, driven by California (+95.1%) which holds a 10.9% share of total Organic volume


Segment/Variety – 4 Weeks

  • Total U.S. dollar sales of the White segment increased +3.7% while Brown mushrooms exhibited growth of +3.8%
  • Cremini mushrooms grew dollar sales +1.0% and Portabellas increased +10.3%
  • On a Regional basis, White mushroom growth rates were up in all Regions except for Plains (-1.9%) and Great Lakes (flat). Midsouth posted the largest growth rate at +13.0%
  • Brown mushrooms posted growth in four of eight regions. Midsouth dollars declined -6.3%, while dollars in Northeast grew +11.4%
  • White segment dollars were down in 9 of 49 Markets with results ranging from growth of +32.0% in Charlotte to a decline of -6.8% in Jacksonville. In the Brown segment, 34 of 49 Markets posted strong gains, including Hartford/Springfield (+29.7%), New York (+22.6%) and Philadelphia (+22.5%)
  • Total U.S. volume in pounds for the White segment was flat, while the Brown segment saw overall volume growth of +4.9%, driven by Portabella mushrooms, up +14.4%
  • In the Brown segment, California led Regional volume growth at +14.6%. Midsouth declined -8.1%


Total Mushrooms – 52 Weeks

  • The Total U.S. dollar sales trend of +3.1% lagged Total Produce’s growth trend of +4.5% by -1.4 points
  • South Central (9.1% dollar share) led the Regions with the top dollar sales trend of +5.5%. Northeast holds the largest dollar share (20.7%), but grew only +1.8%. All Regions posted gains
  • Most Markets experienced dollar growth, notably Omaha (+10.2%), Houston (+9.5%) and Chicago (+8.3%)
  • Total U.S. Organic dollar sales grew +30.3%, driven by West (+61.0%) which holds a 13.3% share of total Organic dollars
  • Total U.S. mushroom volume in pounds grew +2.3%
  • Six of eight Regions delivered volume growth, led by Midsouth at +5.2%. Plains and South Central were flat
  • Only nine of 49 Markets saw downward volume trends, including Milwaukee (-3.4%) and Buffalo/Rochester (-3.1%)
  • Organic volume increased +29.5%, driven by Great Lakes (+20.3%) which holds a 48.1% share of total Organic volume


Segment/Variety – 52 Weeks

  • Total U.S. dollar sales for the White segment were flat, while California (+3.4%), Midsouth (+1.8%), and South Central (+2.8%) posted the only gains. In the Brown segment, dollar sales were up +6.7% in Total U.S.
  • In the Brown segment, seven Regions posted positive trends
    • Total U.S. Brown segment dollar trends were driven by Portabella mushrooms, which hold a 32.5% dollar share of Browns and delivered sales growth of +16.7%
  • At the Market level, dollar sales trends in the White segment ranged from an increase of +12.0% in Sacramento to a -4.1% decline in Toledo
  • The Brown segment saw very strong dollar sales gains across 45 of 49 Markets, with Denver leading at +19.4%. Sacramento showed the largest decline of -18.1%
  • Total U.S. volume in pounds of White mushrooms was flat, but growth was seen in Midsouth (+2.3%) and California (+1.3%)
  • Total U.S. volume in pounds of Brown mushrooms grew +8.1%, led by Midsouth with growth of +12.3%
    • Total U.S. Brown segment volume growth trends were driven by Portabella mushrooms which have a 30.9% volume share of Browns and delivered volume growth of +24.4%
  • As with dollars, the Market level volume trends for the White segment were mixed, with 12 Markets trending upward including Charlotte (+15.0%) and Omaha (+8.6%)
  • The volume trend of Brown mushrooms fared better, with only three Markets trending downward. Sacramento (-19.1%) and Buffalo/Rochester (-5.5%) posted the largest losses
    • Strong volume growth in the Brown segment occurred in these Markets: Louisville (+22.4%), Grand Rapids (+21.8%) and Philadelphia (+18.1%)

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